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"""This module implements a dict-like store object used to persist Kedro sessions."""
from __future__ import annotations

import logging
from collections import UserDict
from typing import Any

[docs] class BaseSessionStore(UserDict): """``BaseSessionStore`` is the base class for all session stores. ``BaseSessionStore`` is an ephemeral store implementation that doesn't persist the session data. """ def __init__(self, path: str, session_id: str): self._path = path self._session_id = session_id super().__init__( @property def _logger(self) -> logging.Logger: return logging.getLogger(__name__) def read(self) -> dict[str, Any]: """Read the data from the session store. Returns: A mapping containing the session store data. """ self._logger.debug( "'read()' not implemented for '%s'. Assuming empty store.", self.__class__.__name__, ) return {} def save(self) -> None: """Persist the session store""" self._logger.debug( "'save()' not implemented for '%s'. Skipping the step.", self.__class__.__name__, )