Source code for kedro

"""Kedro is a framework that makes it easy to build robust and scalable
data pipelines by providing uniform project templates, data abstraction,
configuration and pipeline assembly.

import sys
import warnings

__version__ = "0.19.4"

[docs] class KedroDeprecationWarning(DeprecationWarning): """Custom class for warnings about deprecated Kedro features."""
[docs] class KedroPythonVersionWarning(UserWarning): """Custom class for warnings about incompatibilities with Python versions."""
if not sys.warnoptions: warnings.simplefilter("default", KedroDeprecationWarning) warnings.simplefilter("error", KedroPythonVersionWarning) if sys.version_info >= (3, 13): warnings.warn( """Kedro is not yet fully compatible with this Python version. To proceed at your own risk and ignore this warning, run Kedro with `python -W "default:Kedro is not yet fully compatible" -m kedro ...` or set the PYTHONWARNINGS environment variable accordingly.""", KedroPythonVersionWarning, )