Preview datasets in Kedro-Viz

To provide users with a glimpse of their datasets within a Kedro project, Kedro-Viz offers a preview feature.

Currently, Kedro-Viz supports four types of previews:

  1. TablePreview: For datasets returning tables/dataframes.

  2. JSONPreview: For datasets returning JSON objects.

  3. PlotlyPreview: For datasets returning Plotly JSON objects.

  4. ImagePreview: For datasets returning base64-encoded image strings.

While we currently support the above mentioned datasets, we are soon going to extend this functionality to include other datasets. Users with custom datasets can also expand the preview functionality, which is covered in the section Extend Preview to Custom Datasets.


Starting from Kedro-Viz 8.0.0, previews are now enabled by default. If you wish to disable it for a specific dataset, refer to the Disable Preview section for instructions.

Preview tabular data

See Preview tabular data in Kedro-Viz for a guide on how you can enable preview on tabular datasets such as pandas.CSVDataset and pandas.ExcelDataset.

Preview Plotly Charts

See Preview Plotly charts in Kedro-Viz for a guide on how you can create interactive visualizations using PlotlyDataset on Kedro-Viz.

Preview Matplotlib Charts

See Preview Matplotlib charts in Kedro-Viz for a guide on how you can create static visualizations using MatplotlibWriterDataset on Kedro-Viz.

Extend Preview to custom catasets

See Extend Preview to custom catasets for a guide on how to set up previews for custom datasets and which types are supported by Kedro-Viz.

Disabling Previews

To disable dataset previews for specific datasets, you need to set preview: false under the kedro-viz key within the metadata section of your catalog.yml file. Here’s an example configuration:

  type: pandas.CSVDataset
  filepath: data/01_raw/companies.csv
      layer: raw
      preview: false