Deployment guide

Deployment choices

Your choice of deployment method will depend on various factors. In this section we provide guides for different approaches.

If you decide to deploy your Kedro project on a single machine, you should consult our guide to single-machine deployment, and decide whether to use Docker for container-based deployment or to use package-based deployment or to use the CLI to clone and deploy your codebase to a server.

If your pipeline is sizeable, you will want to run parts of it on separate machines, so will need to consult our guide to distributed deployment.

We also provide information to help you deploy to the following:

In addition, we also provide instructions on how to integrate a Kedro project with Amazon SageMaker.

flowchart TD
    A{Can your Kedro pipeline run on a single machine?} -- YES --> B[Consult the single-machine deployment guide];
    B --> C{Do you have Docker on your machine?};
    C -- YES --> D[Use a container-based approach];
    C -- NO --> E[Use the CLI or package mode];
    A -- NO --> F[Consult the distributed deployment guide];
    F --> G["What distributed platform are you using?<br/><br/>Check out the guides for:<br/><br/><li>Airflow</li><li>Argo</li><li>Prefect</li><li>Kubeflow Pipelines</li><li>AWS Batch</li><li>Databricks</li><li>Dask</li>"];
    style G text-align:left
    H["Does (part of) your pipeline integrate with Amazon SageMaker?<br/><br/>Read the SageMaker integration guide"];
    style H text-align:left