Source code for kedro.extras.logging.color_logger

"""A logging handler class which produces coloured logs."""

import logging

import click

[docs]class ColorHandler(logging.StreamHandler): """A color log handler. You can use this handler by incorporating the example below into your logging configuration: ``conf/project/logging.yml``: :: formatters: simple: format: "%(asctime)s - %(name)s - %(levelname)s - %(message)s" handlers: console: class: kedro.extras.logging.ColorHandler level: INFO formatter: simple stream: ext://sys.stdout # defining colors is optional colors: debug: white info: magenta warning: yellow root: level: INFO handlers: [console] The ``colors`` parameter is optional, and you can use any ANSI color. * Black * Red * Green * Yellow * Blue * Magenta * Cyan * White The default colors are: * debug: magenta * info: cyan * warning: yellow * error: red * critical: red """ def __init__(self, stream=None, colors=None): logging.StreamHandler.__init__(self, stream) colors = colors or {} self.colors = { "critical": colors.get("critical", "red"), "error": colors.get("error", "red"), "warning": colors.get("warning", "yellow"), "info": colors.get("info", "cyan"), "debug": colors.get("debug", "magenta"), } def _get_color(self, level): if level >= logging.CRITICAL: return self.colors["critical"] # pragma: no cover if level >= logging.ERROR: return self.colors["error"] # pragma: no cover if level >= logging.WARNING: return self.colors["warning"] # pragma: no cover if level >= logging.INFO: return self.colors["info"] if level >= logging.DEBUG: # pragma: no cover return self.colors["debug"] # pragma: no cover return None # pragma: no cover def format(self, record: logging.LogRecord) -> str: """The handler formatter. Args: record: The record to format. Returns: The record formatted as a string. """ text = logging.StreamHandler.format(self, record) color = self._get_color(record.levelno) return, color)