kedro.ipython.magic_reload_kedro(line, local_ns=None)[source]
%reload_kedro [-e ENV] [--params PARAMS] [path]

The %reload_kedro IPython line magic. See # noqa: line-too-long for more.

positional arguments:
path Path to the project root directory. If not given, use the

previously setproject root.

optional arguments:
-e ENV, --env ENV

Kedro configuration environment name. Defaults to local.

--params PARAMS

Specify extra parameters that you want to pass to the context initialiser. Items must be separated by comma, keys - by colon or equals sign, example: param1=value1,param2=value2. Each parameter is split by the first comma, so parameter values are allowed to contain colons, parameter keys are not. To pass a nested dictionary as parameter, separate keys by ‘.’, example: param_group.param1:value1.