Learn how to use Kedro

In the following chapters, you will learn how to set up Kedro and discover the key Kedro concepts. You can then review the spaceflights tutorial to get hands-on experience with a Kedro project.

For new and intermediate Kedro users, there’s a comprehensive section on visualising Kedro projects using Kedro-Viz and working with Kedro and Jupyter notebooks.

Use the left-hand table of contents to explore the documentation available for more advanced Kedro usage and deployment. We also recommend the glossary and the API reference documentation.


We have designed the preliminary documentation and the spaceflights tutorial for anyone new to Kedro. The more knowledge of Python you have, the easier you will find the learning curve.


There are many excellent online resources for learning Python; you should choose those that reference Python 3, as Kedro is built for Python 3.7+. There are curated lists of online resources, such as the official Python programming language website and this list of free programming books and tutorials.